Stories of the Generous Life | Ordinary People. Extraordinary Generosity.
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What does it mean to live a truly generous life?


Be inspired and challenged to discover the joy of generosity through 21 short stories of ordinary people’s extraordinary generosity journeys.


Generous family
a school janitor who was a father figure to an entire city


Generous love
a 24-year-old who loved a man dying of cancer


Generous checkbook
a successful business founder who is a hilarious giver


Generous life
a young adult who dedicated her life to exposing sex trafficking


Generous land
a woman who released her beloved hill land for Kingdom work


Generous career
a business owner who holistically invests in his employees

Foreword by Bill Williams and David Wills




  1. Holding Orphans with Jesus’ Arms
    Mike & Beth Fox
  2. Giving Away the Hill Land
    LeahBelle Neil
  3. Building a Purpose-Driven Company
    Pat & Beth McCown
  4. Scam Artist to Million-Dollar Miracle
    Scott & Kirsten Lewis
  5. Leaving It in the Offering Plate
    Jim Fordyce
  6. Reckless Young Love and Cancer
    Megan Finnell
  7. Farmland Generosity
    Austin & Rhoda Heise
  8. The Greatest Asset
    Steve Trice
  9. A GM Dealer’s Road to Generosity
    Randy Reed
  10. God’s Money After an Airline Tragedy
    James & Kristen
  11. Investors for God’s Kingdom
    Larry & Mandy Powell
  12. A Father of Faith
    Thurman Mitchell Sr.
  1. Sending It Ahead
    Andy Andreas
  2. Eternal Investments
    Glen Scheib
  3. Sex, Money, and the Fight for Human Worth
    Morgan Perry
  4. Triple Capital
    Pete & Debbie Ochs
  5. An Atheist Finds Freedom
    Craig Miller
  6. Micro-Finance and Macro-Change
    Gary & Jan Venable
  7. Discovering the Joy
    Frank Brown
  8. The First Yes
    Barb May
  9. Studying for the Final Exam
    Robert E. Miller


Generosity Resources

Giving Away the Hill Land


LeahBelle sat on her porch one summer night, enjoying the clean Colorado air. The moon shone gently, illuminating her land in the distance.
“The question came to mind, Why are you keeping that hill? I answered right away, I don’t want anyone up there,” LeahBelle recalled. “This impression came again, Is that a good reason? At that point I knew: I was hearing from the Lord.”


Sending It Ahead


Andy Andreas never wanted to attend seminary, but when the Lord called him to Talbot School of Theology, he obeyed. Although Andy quickly realized he had neither the call nor the desire to be a pastor, it was clear the Lord had a purpose for his time in seminary. There, Andy soaked in God’s truth and principles that would become the bedrock for his future in business.


“Through a series of events, a multi-millionaire decided to pay for all of my seminary tuition,” Andy said. “When someone is generous to you, you want to become generous as well. You want to be like that.”